Jody Chesterton -Director, Teacher and Choreographer.

Jody has over 20 years experience as a performer, choreographer and teacher. A graduate of the Ann Oliver Stage School, Jody has extensive experience in theatre and television, as well as travelling the world performing as a singer, dancer and actress.
Jody was fortunate enough to dance and sing on board Carnival Cruises & Sun Cruises travelling the world. As a dancer, Jody worked with European group ‘Moorcheeba’ on MTV and American group BB Mack. TV extra part credits have included EastEnders, Peak Practice, Daziel and Pascoe, London’s Burning, The Bill, Happy together, Sugar Puffs advert and the Caesar (dog food) advert. As a child, Jody performed in numerous Pantomimes and shows at the De Montfort Hall, The Little Theatre, Stardust, along with 42nd Street at the Haymarket Theatre, Leicester. Jody also performed in ‘Fright Night’ at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall singing ‘Sweeney Todd’ .

Jody has taught for established companies including Jigsaw Arts (London), Stagecoach Theatre Arts (Nottingham & Loughborough).

Guest/freelance choreographer at LCPA and Studio79 (Leicester). GCSE Dance specialist at The Bosworth Academy (Leicester).


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