After School Classes

We have classes located at various schools in Leicestershire, please contact Faces Arts if you would like to get your child or school involved.

Street Dance– a funky commercial dance class, great for fun, fitness, flexibility and confidence. Dancing to the latest chart hits, learning new steps, combinations and an understanding of choreography, children can learn to dance as if they are in their very own pop video. Street Dance provides improved social skills, confidence and co-ordination in a fun and relaxed environment.

Performance Skills- a dynamic mix of dance, drama, fun and games for children from Reception to 6 years of age.
Performance is a popular form of expression and is perfect for developing self esteem and confidence. An intense 30-45 minute session packed with energy and enthusiasm, designed to improve concentration and awareness.

Drama Sessions– provides children with the opportunity to explore their personalities.
have the chance to engage with their expressions and emotions through performance, whilst helping their social skills at the same time. Drama Sessions allow children to learn scripts, play different characters, develop their improvisation skills, and explore regional accents.  07971423201